Dual-sliders KVM switch with 15" LCD display

Model No. KVM-2115

System specifications

1. Server board: (for KVM-2115S only)
CPU: NS GX1, 300MHz
Chipset: Geode CS5530
DRAM: One 168 DIMM for PC-133, 256MB max.
VGA Controller: CS5530 built-in 1.5~4MB share memory
LAN: RJ-45, Realtek 8139C, 10/100M
IDE: One IDE connector, ATA 66.
USB : 2 USB ports
2. Chassis: Heavy duty steel
3. Power supply: 1U 150W ATX power supply
4. LCD Panel: LG XGA 15TFT, 1024 x 768, 256M color
5. Keyboard/Trackball: Cherry English keyboard with trackball
6. KVM switch: 8 ports (KVM-2115S, KVM-2115)
  2 ports (KVM-2115U)
7. OSD ( On Screen Display): Supports brightness, resolution, frequency and security setup
8. Dimensions: KVM-2115S (445.5W x 640D x 44H mm)
  KVM-2115 (445.5W x 570D x 44H mm)
  KVM-2115U (445.5W x 450D x 44H mm)
9. Accessories Dual sliders for KB/Panel