Wireless Foldable IR PDA keyboard (suitable for every kind PDA)


No need connector- WIRELESS

Low power consumption

No cable and battery needed

CE and FCC approved

Foldable keyboard for waterproof and dust-proof.

Improved Space-saving Design by Applying TPU Material.

One Piece Pattern Prevent Dust with Water Resistant.

Highly Reliable Membrane Contact Technology.

Soft-Touch, Quick Tactile Key Action.

Color (Optional)



Compatible with: Palm m100, Palm III ,Palm V and Palm O.S ALL series [SONY CLIE Series (SONY CLIE PEG-N300, PEG-N500, PEG-N600C PEG-N700C, PEG-N750C, 710 610) Sony T-600 (CLIE NX,NZ Palm OS 5 Series), Palm III, TRG-Pro, Palm VII, Palm m500, m505 (IBM WorkPad c500 Series), m100, m105, Palm i705,Palm OS 5 Series(TT,T2,T3,Zire 71), Handspring VISOR, (all Visor except edge)]

Dimension: (L x W x H)388x145x12mm

Weight:90 ±5gm

Key Travel : 1.5 ±0.2mm

Operating Force: 60 ±10gm

Operating Temp:-20~50℃

Storage Temp:-30~80℃

Layout: 69Keys

Switch Life: 10,000,000 times


軟式摺疊IR PDA鍵盤FOLD-5000 Palm 系列

1. 本鍵盤適用機型:Palm100 Palm III Palm V ,適用於Palm OS系列,因是用IR傳輸,所以沒有接頭的問題.

2. 下載外接鍵盤應用程式。

3. 安裝完成後鍵盤連接埠接上PDA主機便可開始使用外接鍵盤。

4. 功能使用說明:




5. 本機型鍵盤使用TPU特殊環保材質具有防水、防塵功能,可摺疊攜帶方便。

6. 產品重量:90±5gm

7. 產品尺寸:(L×W×H388×145×12mm

8. 鍵數:69Keys