Have you ever use your computer at night or in low-light environment?

EL 715X EL Super Slim Illuminated Keyboard

In the age before the Slim Illuminated Keyboard EL 715X, there were ordinary bulky keyboards that could not be seen in the dark. When it was dark the user had to be forced to turn on a bright light. With the new Electron luminescence design the solution has been created to illuminate keyboards. The EL 715X glows a sapphire color and as the environment becomes darker, the keyboard glows brighter. The El 715X keys are extraordinary thin and produce hardly any noise when typed on. This keyboard was defiantly designed for night PC users.





Desktop PC/ Web PC/ LED panel PC


419 x 164 x 17 (mm)


500 + or - 20 (g)


USB 1.1 or PS/2

Key Number:

104 Keys/ 107 Keys (by languages)

Illumination Color::

Sapphire or Green


26 cdm squared min

Power Consumption:

240 mA max.

Switch Reliability:

10 million keystrokes

System Requirements: