Skype-Mouse: Mini Speaker + Skype Phone + Mouse + Volume Control + Recorder

Sometimes the most useful inventions seem obvious in retrospect. Skype users know the most inconvenient thing is, especially if you are on the move, receiving a call with no headset/mic at-hand. (The entire room doesn't need to hear your discussion.)

So, for Skype-ing on the move, we love the Skype mouse. Want to make a few quick calls? No problem, just open the mouse like a flip phone. Or open it halfway for speakerphone functionality. This 800dpi mouse has a 1m cable and comes in five colors.

VN-CX1 is extraordinary Skype mouse phone.

The Skype Mouse Phone features a multi-function mouse that can be opened up like a cell phone. It acts like a normal PC mouse when it's closed. Smooth motion and comfortable. Bright LED light that corresponds with the sensor for better and fluently movement. When VN-CX1 opens up, it can be used like a telephone with a loud speaker. Adopts echo cancellation function to reduce the echo at a peculiar telephone call. The LED light flashes plus a ringtone when someone is calling. The volume can be adjusted by rolling the mouse wheel.

Key Features:






1, The shell of this model we use ABS + PC competitive material. The PC material is the main raw material be used in making bulletproof glass and more expensive. This compel us raise cost. With PC material in shell this will make the shell more pliable and prevent be break easily. This is ordinary ABS can not do. Since we don't want our clients return the products immediately owing to some crack in the shell (since they will often open as a speaker and skype phone and be folded use as a mouse). This is the main aspects we take into more account.

2, The IC, we use C-Midia, it is a most advanced IC now appearance. The frequency of the echo cancellation and the receiver is 48 k /44.4 KHz.

3, The frequency of audio-frequency amplifier is 1.2W (the other company's only 0.25W). So the volume of the speaker we have is better than any product in the market now.

4, The built-in intelligent microprocessor have designed by our own expert, and obtain the patent.

5, The mouse-wheel adjust the volume. Also have another function, e.g.: when the mouse be used as a speaker, here, somebody call you or your boss come into the office. Just press the wheel, then will mute. When off the line or the boss is out, repress the button, the music will continuing. Take your time enjoy the music. This aspect is the other products can not do, either.

It looks more fashionable be used together with the notebook we think.


*When in airports and other noisy environments, make calls using Skype. Use this (or other noise-blocking/canceling headphones) to hear your party much clearer than any cellular headset can offer. Flip this mouse open to talk. Skype, which is now completely free for calling to the US and Canada, lets you specify audio devices for all types of audio. You may have the "ring" sound come from your PC speaker and the call's audio come through your headphones, while using the Skype mouse for speaking.

*It's not uncommon for a cellular deadspot to have wifi. Use the Skype mouse for free calling.