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1 HDD Storage media
USB 2.0 standard interface
2.2GB mass capacity
Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP, Mac OS 8.6,linux2.4 or later
No driver installation required (except for windows 98
Plug and play
Only 20g weight
Dimension: inch:2.1(H)X1.9(W)X0.47(D)
mm:54(H) X 48(W)X 12(D)
Case material Plastic case and lateral gilded
Color Silver and black
Package case paper
Accessories Mini USB cable, leather case, User manual, warranty card
USB connector can be dragged out and turned 90 0
Storage media 1"HDD
Capacity 2.2GB
Transfer speed (read and write) Average write rate 3.1 Mbytes/sec(max3.7/ min2.8)
Average read rate 4.2 Mbytes/sec(max4.9/ min3.7)
Anti-shock (operating) 175G (2ms)
Anti-shock (non-operating) 1500G (1ms)
Anti-vibration (operating) 1G 0-Peak (5-500Hz)
Temperature 0 to 65 J operating
Relative humidity 8 to 90% operating
Motor rotation rate 4200RPM
Electric current (write) 300mA, average
Electric current (idle) 150mA, average
EMI Standard FCC,CE